Safety Guidelines and Care Tips

    Use trampoline with proper supervision.

    Make sure trampoline is dry before use.

    Do not jump on or off the trampoline.

    Do not use the trampoline as a means to bounce to another place.

    Do not bounce too high.  Stay low until you can control your bounce and
      repeatedly land in the centre of the trampoline. Do not have obstructions
      beneath the trampoline.

    Do not position trampoline where overhead clearance is not adequate.

    Do not use in severe wind conditions. 

    Trampoline must be placed on a level surface.

    Do not use trampoline without the frame padding. Use trampoline where there
      is adequate light.

    Young children should not do somersaults.

    Only one person should jump on trampoline at any one time.  However,
      if more than one person is jumping, do not jump when another person is
      getting on or off the trampoline.

    Before use inspect and replace any worn or missing parts.

    Do not use trampoline if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Trampoline over 50cm tall are not recommended for children under six (6) years of age unless under adult supervision. 

    Do not bounce off the netting.  

    Do not climb or crawl over or under the netting. 

    Check netting prior to use for possible tears or damage.

    Do not use if netting is torn or damaged.

    Entry to enclosure is to be zipped shut prior to use.